Salomone Redi-Mix

Traditional Concrete's uses and durability have been proven over thousands of years. Concrete has remained the longest lasting and least expensive (about $0.02 per pound) construction material. Its permanence is still displayed across the world in such ancient structures as the Parthenon and the Great Wall of China. We proudly carry on the long tradition of manufacturing this product and delivering it with quality service. Over 150 mix designs fit concrete needs offering a wide variety of strengths.

Flowable Fill is a low strength, self-leveling, self-compacting material used as an economic alternative for backfill. Placed with minimal effort, it requires no subsequent vibration or tamping to achieve 100% consolidation. Flowable fill is a blend of cement, fly ash, sand, and water with a consistency similar to pancake batter. Advantages are time and labor saved by not having to perform traditional backfill operations. Common uses for flowable fill are sewer and utility trenches, conduits, subbase, storage tanks, wells, and retaining walls.

Pervious Concrete is a porous paving material which permits rain and storm water run-off to pass through, rather than flood surrounding areas or storm drains. Pervious concrete acts as a filter catching much of the oils and polluting chemicals that flow either dissolved in or suspended by storm water. The organic material is broken down by ultraviolet rays and evaporates. Typical mix designs have about 70% of the density of standard concrete paving mixtures. Pervious concrete is an ideal product for driveways, parking lots and roads by maximizing land use and minimizing retention areas.

Extra Products - A full array of additional items are available for delivery to the job site along with your load. Expansion and curb joints create a natural break in concrete and therefore reduce cracking. Fiber mesh adds to the structural integrity and consistency of concrete. A wide selection of colors adds a unique quality and customization of placements. Due to possible inherent inconsistencies in raw materials, we do not guarantee color.

Admixtures are chemical additives to the mix design that can result in significant enhancements. Plasticizers increase the flowabiltiy without reducing strength. Retarders can be useful during summer months by enhancing the workability of concrete and slowing down the setting time. Accelerators (Chloride and Non-Chloride) are helpful during winter months to speed up the set time and reduce finishing time.

concrete decorative blocks Decorative Blocks are a company endeavor to become more environmentally friendly. Excess concrete is poured into forms to make concrete blocks, which have a variety of uses. These blocks are ideal for retaining walls and storage.

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